Lunch Club 



Lunch club


From September 2020, we will be offering a lunch club for all our children that attend a full day. 


We ask that you provide a healthy packed lunch for your child, which is brought into session with them and left on our red lunch trolley allocated in the main foyer - see below the 5532 Guide for Pre-schoolers by British Nutrition Foundation.


We limit the time spent eating lunch to half an hour, therefore, please do not send your child in with too much food.  Obviously, you know your child’s appetite, but a suggestion would be:   1 slice of bread sandwich; piece of fruit; small salad snack. 


Please do not send in drinks – milk and water will be offered as in our general sessions. 


We ask that no nuts be brought into pre-school as we have several children with severe nut allergies.  Please note this means items that state ‘may contain nuts’ and also, no peanut butter, Nutella or cherry bakewell cakes.  


We are encouraging the children to be healthy and would therefore ask that you refrain from giving your child chocolate confectionery or sweets in their lunch bag.


If items are homemade or not in there original wrapping, please indicate that it is a no nuts product.  If this is not adhered to, we will remove the item to the office and dispose of them.  


NOTE – Please cut your child’s grapes, large blueberries and cherry tomatoes into quarters, lengthways to reduce the risk of choking when eating. Also, please ensure cherries have their stones removed. 


All lunch boxes MUST have a cool pack in them.