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About us

Buttsbury Pre-School was established in June 1975 by a local parent named Gill Rolfe. She wanted to create a playgroup where children and parents could socialise with others in the community. Over the last fifty years, the pre-school has evolved into what it is today, providing high-quality care and education for children in Billericay.

In May 2011, we replaced the old demountable where the pre-school began with a brand new building that has modern facilities. The new facility includes a bright and spacious playroom and an outdoor playground designed for play and exploration.
After Julie Crosby and Tracey Woodman were appointed managers of Buttsbury Pre-School, we earned an 'Outstanding' rating from Ofsted in July 2012. Our Ofsted reports have continued to be consistently graded as 'Outstanding,' which is a testament to the incredible work of our team in educating and caring for the children.
Today, our pre-school remains a safe and supportive environment for parents and children. We focus on providing education and skills to prepare children for later life while following the EYFS framework. We believe that every child should be acknowledged, appreciated, and encouraged to reach their potential through engaging play activities.
Our curriculum is inclusive of all children in our setting and is flexible and adaptable to cater to each child's unique needs and abilities at every stage of their development.

Our Mission

Our first mission is to make our pre-school accessible to children and families from all sections of the local community. We aim to ensure that all sections of our community have access to the setting through open, fair and clearly communicated procedures.


We are also committed to practising using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and therefore, the pre-school aims to support and care for the needs of each individual child within the setting by ‘learning through play’.

Art Class
Image by Tanaphong Toochinda

Our Team

Tracey Woodman July 2023 Website Copy.png

Tracey Woodman

Playroom Manager

Julie Crosby July 2023 Grey Background.png

Julie Crosby

Business Manager

Kim Wheatley July 2023 Website Copy.png

Kim Wheatley

Level 3 Pre-School Assistant

Katherine Bowdidge July 2023 Website Copy.png

Katherine Bowdidge

Level 3 Pre-School Assistant

Kelly Borg July 2023 Website Copy.png

Kelly Borg

Level 3 Pre-School Assistant

Penny Avery July 2023 Website Copy.PNG

Penny Avery

Level 3 Pre-School Assistant

Claire Ross July 2023 Website Copy (8).png

Claire Ross

Level 3 Pre-School Assistant

Kerry Lodge July 2023 Website Copy 2.png

Kerry Lodge

Level 2 Pre-School Assistant

Marina Noble July 2023 Website Copy.png

Marina Noble

Qualified Teacher Status

Noemi Boultwood July 2023 Website Copy.png

Noemi Boultwood

Finance Officer

Michelle Phillips July 2023 Website Copy.png

Michelle Phillips

Admissions Officer

Emily Crosby July 2023 Website Copy.png

Emily Crosby

Office Administrator

Alison Warren July 2023 Website Copy.png

Alison Warren

Bank Staff

Gracie Waymark July 2023 Website Copy.png

Gracie Waymark

Bank Staff

Liz Daniels July 2023 Website Copy.png

Elizabeth Daniels

Bank Staff

Juliet Hughes July 2023 Website Copy.png

Juliet Hughes

Bank Staff

Margaret Cruikshank July 2023 Website Copy.png

Margaret Cruikshank

Nicola Eggett July 2023 Website Copy.png

Nicola Eggett

Bank Staff

Sharon Stone July 2023 Website Copy.png

Sharon Stone

Bank Staff


Bank Staff

Alex Taylor July 2023 Website Copy.png

Alex Taylor

Bank Staff

Our Facilities

Our playroom and playground have been thoughtfully designed to provide diverse learning opportunities for every child. They feature unique learning areas such as a: home corner, small world play area, construction area, book corner, and craft table. We also offer a wide selection of toys and materials that allows children to explore, have fun, and develop their imagination while enhancing their problem-solving skills.


We are proud to offer a Sensory Room. The room has been designed to provide a fun and engaging experience for all children, including those with special needs. There are numerous items in the room that are sure to stimulate the senses, such as a bubble tube with colour-changing lights, fibre optic lights, interactive wall games, a disco ball and more.


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