Fees & Government Funding


Pre-school Fees

For each 2 year old child attending the Pre-school you are asked to pay a one-off registration fee of £45.00 which contributes to our administration, insurance costs, t-shirt and art bag.  After this payment is made, you will receive our new starter’s pack which includes your art bag and a Buttsbury Pre-school t-shirt.  PLEASE NOTE: Should your child not take up their place with us, this deposit is non-refundable.

From September 2021, our fee per 3 hour session is £22.50 for non-grant funded children, although this is subject to change at the trustee’s discretion. 


The hourly grant funding rate we receive from Essex County Council covers the running costs of the business i.e. rent, staff wages, utilities etc. For grant funded children, your invoice will also include a charge for ‘consumables and additional services/resources’ (without which the Pre-school could not purchase resources and provide an enriching environment for the children in our care).  The charge covers items such as snacks/themed resources/cooking ingredients/visual aids/labels for your child’s shoe bag and snack card.  


This charge is currently £4.50 per 3 hour session and is subject to change at the trustee’s discretion. This charge is broken down into a cost per session but is used to cover all resources used by your child throughout the year.  (Note: Committee fundraising activities generate the funds needed to enable us to purchase larger resources e.g. garden toys, tables, chairs etc).

From September 2021, our 'all day' between 8.45am and 3.15pm - for non-grant funded children, you will be charged £22.50 for the morning session, £22.50 for the afternoon session and £5.00 for lunch club (you will provide a healthy lunch which is nut-free).

For grant funded children, you will be charged £4.50 for the morning session, £4.50 for the afternoon session and £5.00 for lunch club (you will provide a healthy lunch which is nut-free). Any hours above your allocated Government FEEE funded 15 hours, will be charged at £22.50 per 3 hour session.


In the year before your child starts Primary School, they will be offered a place in one of our Risers sessions.  During these sessions your child will experience learning activities suitable for older children such as phonics/music sessions, football coaching and dancing lessons.  We also hold Christmas and ‘End of Year’ parties for the children which include traditional party games and gifts.  


The Riser children also have the opportunity to make gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, festivals i.e. Diwali, Christmas, a leaving present for parents and a USB memory stick for your child's learning journey.  Therefore, a separate Risers fee of £35.00 (for 38 weeks activities) will be charged for these additional activities to take place.  This will be charged at the start of the school year in September and you will be invoiced separately (if you are unable to pay for the Risers additional activity charge, please speak to our finance officer).


Invoices for the term’s fees will be emailed to you electronically during the last few weeks of the previous term for the following term i.e. given out in November (Autumn term) for Spring term attendance. This invoice should be paid by the last working day of the preceding term, preferably, by bank transfer.

The fees can also be paid using childcare vouchers/tax-free childcare (TFC) and if this is your preferred option, please speak to our Finance Officer for further details.


Fees must still be paid when your child is sick or on holiday, except in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the trustees. 


If at any time other than your child leaving to start Infant School, you no longer require a place at pre-school, we would expect four weeks term time written notice.  If no notice is given, we would expect four weeks term time fees to be paid as per our fees policy.

Funded Early Education Entitlement (FEEE)

Government funding is intended to deliver the universal offer of 15 hours per eligible child plus the extended offer of a further 15 hours (should you meet the criteria) making a total of 30 hours (from September 2017) a week of funded, high quality, flexible childcare to two, three and four year old children. It is not intended to cover the costs of snacks/meals, other consumables, additional hours, or additional services.


As a setting, we offer funded places in all our sessions, Monday to Friday - morning and afternoon, for 38 weeks per year.


The funding for two year olds is universal and eligible children may access this funding via an application process. The funding is available in the term following their second birthday and further guidance can be obtained by speaking with our finance officer, a member of staff at a children’s centre or by online application via the Essex.gov.uk website.


The 15 hours of funding for three and four year olds is universal, and each term Essex Early Years advise us of the criteria required to be eligible for funding, this is usually in the term following their third birthday.  Our finance officer will contact all parents/carers the term before grant funding is offered and ask for a parent/carer declaration form to be completed. This form must be completed every term for your child to be eligible for the grant. Forms will be handed out at the pre-school and should be returned to the pre-school before the end of term.


Funding is available for 38 weeks per year, 15 hours per week however, this is subject to change in line with current legislation.  We are aware of the Government’s offer for an extended offer of an additional 15 hours should you meet the criteria although, at this time, we are unable to offer 30 hours per week per child, but you can claim up to 15 hours per week, where available. Any hours exceeding this number will be charged at our current session charge of £7.50 per hour (subject to change).  Parents will be made aware of any changes to the funding available to them.


There is a high demand for pre-school places however, we will, if possible, offer children the full 15 hours per week for which funding is available.


For further information about the Government’s extended funding hours offer, please go to https://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk/