A Typical Day at Pre-school


What we do during a typical session

To support our achievement of the EYFS curriculum, each week we may have a specific theme around which all our sessions will be based on our knowledge of our children’s interests.  We will tailor the activities and discussions to your child’s needs and interests and allow for spontaneous learning.


Although each session varies, below is a typical example of how each session is structured:


What the children do

  • Enter Pre-school independently, change into plimsolls and and answer to their name at registration.

  • Indoor and outdoor free play - selection of resources available which children are free to choose.

  • Rolling snack table - children are free to visit when they wish. Selection of milk, water, breadsticks, crackers, fruit, vegetables.

  • Tidy-up time - help tidy toys, activities away.

  • Circle time small groups - small group games/discussions, work on letter sound/number of the week, nursery rhymes, action songs, show and tell.

  • Story time - listen to a group story.

  • Change into outdoor shoes.

  • Song time - sing a few familiar songs.

  • Home time.

Our staff support, challenge and extend the children’s learning throughout the session. During the session there may be adult focus activities, inside and outside, to support our children.