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A Typical Day at Pre-school

At our pre-school, we strive to ensure that every child receives the best possible education in a safe and stimulating environment. To support our achievement of the EYFS curriculum, we have a range of exciting themes that we explore each week. By tailoring our activities and discussions to your child's needs and interests, we aim to create a fun and engaging learning experience that encourages spontaneous learning.


Although each session is unique, we generally follow a structured approach to ensure that your child receives a well-rounded education.


At 8:30 AM, our preschool doors open to welcome all the children. Our staff is always ready to greet them with a big smile and help them with anything they need. The children are encouraged to come in on their own and hang their belongings, such as book bags, coats, and lunch boxes, on the designated hooks and trolleys. Once they are all set, they make their way to their assigned area for registration.area for registration.

At the time of registration, we talk about the theme of the week, teach them the Makaton signs for the week, sing our daily songs, and mark attendance for the morning session. The little ones are motivated to listen for their names and share their thoughts about our activities.


The children are free to explore our indoor and outdoor play areas with activities such as our craft table, Home Corner, water tray and sand pit. Additionally, they can visit our snack table and choose from a variety of healthy options such as breadsticks, crackers, apples, and cucumbers.

During tidy-up time, a bell is rung to prompt both staff and children to work together in putting away the toys and activities in their designated boxes.


During Circle Time, children participate in small group learning activities centred around the weekly topic. These activities may involve practising letters, numbers, and sounds, as well as participating in show-and-tell presentations and imaginative role-play. To wrap up Circle Time, we read stories and sing songs together.

Following our morning Circle Time, some children will depart while others remain for our Lunch Club and afternoon sessions. These sessions mirror our morning sessions in structure. Additionally, on Mondays and Thursdays, we offer Risers sessions where children can delve into topics related to school readiness. These sessions may include visits to Buttsbury Infant School's library bus and conservation area.


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